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Help is two taps away.

Rescu App

Help is two taps away.

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A safety app for faster
emergency response

Bypass the 9-1-1 routing process, and get immediate help.

For just $4.99/month, you can now send a fire, police, or medical alert direct from your phone—and, because Rescu is paired with your pre-programmed location, you don’t even have to explain your situation to get the help you need.

Direct access to first responders

You can send for fire, police, or medical help in just
two taps, and without any call routing.

Pre-programmed location

Help is accurately sent to your saved address,
even if you’re not there.

No security system required

Rescu is an app that can either work on its own
or with an existing system.

No talking required

Help is on the way, without you having to
verbally explain the situation.

Download the Rescu app today

$4.99/month, billed annually at $59.99/year

See how Rescu gets you
faster help

With Alarm Relay’s new emergency app, you can quickly send out a fire, police, or medical alert and get the immediate help you need—with just two taps on your screen.

Watch the video to learn how it works

Emergency response is in your hands

No matter the circumstance or situation, Rescu enables you to protect your property and everyone in it.

  • Protect your vacation

    Live independently with a medical condition

    Feel in control over your home’s security

  • Have peace of mind when you’re traveling

    Be prepared for a family member’s health emergency

    Share one subscription with your whole household

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Explore the app

Rescu has an easy-to-use interface that
allows you to quickly send for help.

In the event of an emergency, select
the type of help you need by tapping
the fire, police, or ambulance button.

You’ll see your primary address at
the bottom of the screen—to change,
tap the button to select from your
other saved locations.

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Explore the app

Tap SEND ALERT to immediately
send for emergency help—no verbal
confirmation required.

Tap CANCEL to change your
emergency type or cancel your

Remember: Rescu is not a toy! Sending an
alert will immediately dispatch real
emergency responders.

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Explore the app

You’ll see a confirmation that help
is on the way.

Your stored emergency contacts will
be instantly alerted via an automatic
SMS text notification.

If you wish to speak to someone at
Central Station to provide more
details about your emergency,
simply tap the button.

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Rescu literally saves minutes in the dispatch of first responders to you and your loved ones.

— Joel Ebstein, Firefighter-Paramedic, San Diego, California

Subscribe to Rescu

Download the Rescu app, then create an account to start your household’s subscription.

$4.99/month, billed annually at $59.99/year

Frequently Asked Questions

When you call 9-1-1, you first go through a call center queue to verify your location and emergency before being routed to local emergency services. With Rescu, your request is automatically sent to the local emergency responders. Because your address is stored within your account, first responders already know where to go without having to triangulate your cell phone or without you needing to be physically present at the location.
When you send an emergency alert through the Rescu app, your signal bypasses 9-1-1 dispatch and goes directly to local first responders and is seen as a verified emergency. Help is sent immediately to your stored location without you having to verbally explain your situation. However you can still speak to someone at Central Station if you wish to provide more information about your emergency or ask questions.
An ambulance and firetruck are typically dispatched in tandem to your location by default, as they are sometimes contracted together under the same company. Both fire and ambulance operators are certified to assist medical emergencies.
You can cancel a dispatch by selecting the CANCEL button before sending the alert. If you have already sent the alert, you can speak to a live operator at Central Station by tapping to cancel your request. Note that you’ll need to provide the verbal passcode you entered when setting up your Rescu account in order to confirm your cancellation.
Contacts are added in account settings, located at the top left corner of the Rescu app screen. When an emergency occurs and you send an alert to emergency responders, Rescu will instantly and automatically send text messages to your contacts to notify them of your situation.
Rescu costs $59.99/year, which comes down to only $4.99/month. Your subscription renews automatically each year, and one account can protect multiple addresses and be shared across various devices, giving your whole household the same protection.
Yes. Rescu’s dispatch center (the Central Station) is recognized by Underwriter’s Laboratories (U.L.) as the highest classification for safety and security standards. Insurance providers acknowledge our U.L. compliance, and will usually provide a 20% discount on your homeowner’s insurance policy.
Rescu does not require any additional hardware to operate. However, Rescu can be used to complement any smart device or home security system as a means to get emergency help faster.

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