7 Valentine’s Day Tips to Protect Your Home While You Enjoy Date Night

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Valentine’s Day can be a magical outlet to express your affection to a loved one, and often times that can mean being away from home while you enjoy an evening out on the town. Review these home security tips to ensure your property is safe before date night. How safe is your home when you’re away? According to the FBI, … Read More

11 Tips to Help During a Winter Power Outage

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Power outages often happen during severe winter storms. Homeowners can be without power for hours or even days, yikes! And, according to Munich Re., winter storms caused an estimated $1 billion in insured losses in just 2016. When temperatures drop and the power is out, this is how you keep your family safe. Never keep a generator in an enclosed … Read More

Feature: Alarm Relay Interactive App

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Interactive security apps are becoming increasingly popular as technology continues to advance. Now you can use a security app to manage every aspect of your home security and home automation. The Alarm Relay app provides all of the features to transform your home into a SMART home. Control and monitor your home from the palm of your hand. Design your … Read More

Use Your Alarm to Save on Home Insurance

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  At Alarm Relay, we believe in maximizing your savings in all aspects of your life, it’s why we offer our alarm service for $8.95/month. According to the FBI, there were 7,919,035 property crimes in 2016 and the victims of these crimes suffered an estimated combined loss of 15.6 billion dollars. Having a home alarm system can save your life … Read More

Helix: Innovative Security in the Palm of Your Hands

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In the age of technology, we are always looking for the simplest and most affordable way to complete a task. When it comes to your home security and installing a new alarm system, the Helix security system offered by Alarm Relay delivers rich features and functionality in an extremely simple design. As a DIY-aimed security company, Alarm Relay is consistently … Read More

5 Holiday Fire Safety Tips

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fire safety tips for holidays

As the seasons change and the end of the year quickly approaches, nothing compares to being home for the holidays. Between attending parties and hosting guests, the holidays are a time for friends, family, and celebration. While the spirit of the season tends to bring joy and happiness, unfortunately with the additional cooking and décor that comes with the season … Read More

7 Home Security Tips for Visiting Holiday Guests

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With visiting holiday guests on the horizon, or the possibility of your vacation home being a destination to holiday travelers, it’s important to have a plan to educate these visitors on the home security you have in place, while ensuring your home remains safe – just like you intended. Between trying to cook the perfect meal and making sure you … Read More

The Truth About 9-1-1: What You Need to Know

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Why 911 is unreliable

We’re getting closer and closer to living out our sci-fi dreams in a world connected by ultra-powerful smartphones and technology. Almost everything in the world is quickly available at our fingertips – except seamless access to emergency services. Think about it — you can get a pizza sent to your door by tweeting an emoji, but you can’t rely on … Read More