What it Takes to be UL Listed

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If you don’t know what being “UL listed” means, then we want to take a little time to explain what makes being approved by UL so difficult — and why we’re so proud to be listed.

Easy Tips to Help Ensure Your Alarm Monitoring System Works Properly

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The number-one reason anyone subscribes to an alarm monitoring service is simple: to protect your family. Alarm monitoring services provide you peace of mind, even when you’re not at home.. If your alarm goes off (even for a nuisance alarm!) you’ll know instantly. Fire, burglars, unauthorized entry — no matter what happens, you’ll be the first to know, and you … Read More

Yes, You Can Switch Your Alarm Monitoring Provider

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It happens all the time: We just got a new security system. Oh yeah? Did you sign up for alarm monitoring, too? Of course we did! What’s the use of having an alarm if you don’t have it monitored? Which monitoring provider did you choose? …huh? We just signed up for the service included with our security provider…wait, someone else … Read More

Do You Really Need Alarm Monitoring?

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Q: I already have a security alarm system. So why do I need an *alarm monitoring service? A: Security alarm systems help keep your family, your home, or your business safe. When the alarm sounds, you know in a heartbeat that there could be an intruder…and that help will soon be on the way. Alarm Monitoring also pays for itself with insurance … Read More