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home security for college students

Whether it’s their first or last year in college, when your college kid moves into their first apartment, it’s a big moment in life. It can be both scary and exciting. Between balancing a social life and keeping up with studies, college students typically don’t think about the safety of their apartment. This is the perfect opportunity for parents to teach their older children about home safety.

Monitoring Systems

college apartment security system

With a monitoring system, you and your child can be notified of a break-in. This is especially beneficial during common holiday breaks, like Thanksgiving or Spring Break, when college campuses become targets.

Safety tip: Make sure your college student isn’t posting their vacations to open social media accounts, because that identifies the apartment as being unoccupied.

A typical college student is living on a budget. That’s why many of the big-box home security companies are far outside of what a student can afford. Alarm Relay offers $8.95 monthly monitoring, saving you almost $500 a year. We’re also only a call away if your child ever has a security question or concern.

Alarm System

college apartment alarm system

Security systems are highly effective in deterring burglaries. Sixty percent of burglars said they would find another target if they could identify an alarm system present. A security system will protect your child from financial loss and can keep their physical well-being safe from harm.

If a burglar does try to break-in at night, a sounding alarm will wake up your child so they can defend or hide themselves, and it will notify police.

If your child’s apartment isn’t large, there’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on security equipment. Our starter system, the Helix Starter Kit, costs less than $200 and is the perfect size for small apartments. Each Helix system is customizable with a number of different accessories.

Alarm Codes and Spare Keys

home monitoring for college students

Be sure to teach your child the importance of not sharing their alarm code and spare keys with other people. If they want a back-up key in case they lose theirs, make sure it’s with a trusted friend or family member. They may have friends that are looking to take advantage of vulnerable houses and distributing keys and alarm codes leaves their apartment open for intruders.

Textbooks are a big target for theft, because they’re expensive and can be resold.

For each person who has an alarm code, make sure each code is different. This will help with identifying who entered the apartment if there is a situation that arises.

If your child has expensive items in their apartment, here is how they can prevent theft.

Having your child living away from home for the first time can be scary. That’s why we offer completely customizable home security systems for your peace of mind. To view everything we have to offer, visit our website.

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