What You Need to Know About Z-Wave Technology

Jamie SmithSmart Home, Technology

z wave technology and smart homes

  Smart home technologies like light switches, thermostats, and Amazon Echos are becoming more common in households. There are several different ways for smart devices to communicate with one another. Typically, smart devices are controlled from an app on your phone or tablet. But how is the app able to tell different devices what to do? One of the most … Read More

The Best Options for Protecting Your Most Valuable Items

Jamie SmithHome Safety and Security

protecting expensive valuables at home

One of the easiest ways to keep potential thieves from finding your valuables is to install an alarm monitoring system. Sixty percent of burglars said that they would target another home if they know there’s a security system. However, if you’re looking for more protection, especially for specific items like jewelry, heirlooms, or important documents, there are other options available … Read More

Keep Your Home Green with Home Automation Technology

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smart home green technology

Smart homes are no longer a vision of the future. There are plenty of different devices, apps, and integrations to make your home as connected as possible. Smart homes offer convenience, security, savings, and assurance that your home is safe. Before smart homes, you would leave your home for work or vacation, not knowing if there is a pipe burst, … Read More